Social Impact & Social Value


Through our unique consultation service we can provide organisations with a full wrap around service regarding Social impact and Social value delivery. we can provide organisations with clear benefits. such as:

  • The ability to measure and articulate its social value
  • The ability to have positive impact in the community.
  • The ability to support public value outcomes. 
  • The ability to support being an employer of choice. 
  • The ability to encourage both professional and personal development.
  • The ability to enhance relationships with clients.

Learning and Development


Whether it’s designing, coordinating and facilitating our  programmes and learning courses, establishing new and exciting development programmes, or providing bespoke one-to-one guidance, our team have you covered.

with over 20 years experience in learning and development our face-to-face learning and development experiences complement the organisational, compliance and strategic goals your organisation are looking to achieve. We share our knowledge and expertise in person. In addition to our interpersonal, management and leadership events, 

Organisational Support


Supporting clients to win work through successful bidding and creative marketing techniques.

Working with clients to innovate and grow their businesses across market sectors and service categories.

Working with clients to improve their business through the implementation of industry bench-marked key performance indicators.

Working with construction sector organisations to implement CSR and increase social return on investment through the activity of construction.